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Moto X Launches In Australia Without Moto Maker


Australians rejoice! Seven months after launching in the United States and two months after launching in the UK, the Moto X is now available for purchase as an unlocked device. Unfortunately, Moto Maker isn’t coming along for the ride, nor is it expected to come soon.

The Moto X is available for AUD$549 outright. Since there’s no Moto Maker, your only choices are the Black or White models. According to Ausdroid, this Moto X works on Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

So you have options to choose for which carrier you want your Moto X to be on. Motorola’s site still says the Moto X is “Coming soon” and there are no carrier or retailer announcements, but that should change shortly.

Now that the Moto X is in Australia, we can expect it to launch in more countries, which according to Motorola’s roadmap include India and Germany. Moto Maker will be expanding to the U.K., Germany and Mexico as well. And maybe Australia too, if Motorola updates their road map.

Source: Motorola via Ausdroid


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  1. I’m pretty sure that the company will release Moto Maker also very shortly in Australia. It is a good market for smartphones after all. And Motorola has been seeing good market for the Moto X in all countries, why not in Australia too!

  2. I guess they will first feel the market and then decide on Moto Maker. But then again, people who get Moto X now will be disappointed that Moto Maker was not available when they wanted one.

  3. Why aren’t they releasing Moto X in Asian Market. Moto G was a huge hit in India as far as I know.

  4. I can’t think of a Moto X without Moto Maker. I agree that it will probably ship out soon there.
    Without Moto Maker I doubt if Moto X will make any splash in Down Under.

  5. Probably the’ll release Moto Maker in Australia soon. If they think that there is enough interest in the public to make good ROI.

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