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Mother sues Google as child spends $66 on Android in-app purchases

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A user named Ilana Imber-Gluck has decided to sue Google after her 5-year old son spent close to $66 via in-app purchases on the Marvel Run Jump Smash game. The core of the issue here is the 30 minute window between in-app purchases which doesn’t ask for a password whenever a purchase is made within the app. Mrs. Ilana reportedly wants to fight Google over this in the courts so as to avoid this from happening to others.

Funnily enough, the Google Play Store has a system in place where the user has to enter a password every time an in-app purchase is to be made, regardless of the time window. So it is possible that Ilana disabled this feature for her own convenience but forgot about it while letting her son use the device. Google has this feature in place by default with every Android device, so it doesn’t seem like Google is in the wrong. However, we could see the case being made that Google hasn’t educated its customers enough about this, so it will be interesting to see what the California courts think about this.

What’s your take on the issue?

Source: Law 360

Via: Android Police


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  1. This is just pathetic. The user agreement is in place for a reason. If you can’t read it properly before agreeing to it, don’t agree to it. Dumb!

  2. She’s suing in the People’s Republic of Klownifornia? Google is toast. Even though all she had to do was log out.

  3. She probably knew damn well her child was spending that money, and just wanted to see if she could milk it in court, it’s not going to work though, it’s pretty damn clear in Google’s EULA

  4. This would be an extremely stupid lawsuit. Google doesn’t need to “educate” you on what your device can do. Take it upon yourself to look at the privacy and security settings, sheesh. Do we really need everything handed to us on a platter?

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