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Microsoft Office Mobile for Android now usable for free

Office Mobile

Microsoft Office Mobile for Android has always been free, but there was a catch. Users needed an Office 365 subscription to use it or edit documents on the go. However, just as the app is making its way to the Apple iPads, Microsoft has decided to remove the requirement for an Office 365 subscription for the Android version. This means that you can basically download the app and use it to edit documents on the fly, just like any other word editor.

The app also comes with cloud syncing, so you can sync documents using OneDrive and edit them at your convenience. With Google currently offering several online services to edit documents without the need of a dedicated application, it was only a matter of time before Microsoft started offering its service for free. This might not increase adoption drastically, but Microsoft can hope that at least some users will make up their mind and buy an Office 365 subscription for their computer.

Head over to the Play Store to download the updated Microsoft Office Mobile app.

Source: Microsoft

  • Chris83

    Microsoft Office Mobile isn’t something I ever use, as my smartphone screen is really too small to make it handy for editing office documents. Still, I think it’s nice that they (Microsoft) have made the Mobile edition completely free to use.

  • Brainy

    I am with you on this, Chris. I use Microsoft Office when I’m sitting at my desk but when I’m on the go, I really have no use for it.

  • Brad

    Why would anyone use this on their smartphone? I can’t think of any uses, unless you’re just trying to skim and preview a document really quickly. But even in doing that, it’s extremely difficult given the small screen.

  • Brad

    I agree with you. And yeah, it is nice that they made it completely free to use–most Microsoft products on mobile require you to fork over your wallet.

  • Brad

    Yeah, no use for it on the go here either. Didn’t Google buy a company that was working on a mobile office app, though? Supposedly that is supposed to be quite good on mobile.

  • kappiezen

    For my work I tend to use them but I agree, I don’t think all people will. I get email updates in a PDF and sometimes I do glance at them during non-business hours. That is the only thing I use them for though, always work related, never for anything fun.

  • David Argus

    Making a document on a phone would definitely be very very uncomfortable! You need a computer for that!

  • David Argus

    No thanks! I am happy with Quick Office. No paying Microsoft.

  • Andrew

    Quick Office is quite good. I would prefer it over paying Microsoft anyday!

  • Andrew

    Well if you are using tablet, this makes a lot sense. Documents on tabs are good actually.

  • Jennifer Jordan

    This looks great in tablets. Will try this one later.

    I’ve always wanted to edit docs on the go without using a laptop. This is awesome!

  • Raybert Eichmann

    Microsoft is bit late for the smartphone business party so it’s understandable that it may be creating apps without much application like this one.

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