Intel acquires a smartwatch company for close to $150 million

Intel Smartwatch

Intel has great ambitions to enter the wearables segment, starting with a few smartwatches of its own. The company has now acquired a little known smartwatch manufacturer named Basis in what could possibly be a hint of things to come. The company is known for devices like the Basis B1 Health Tracker which can do plenty of fitness related functions with its wide range of sensors, so the acquisition makes a lot of sense for Intel. It is said that the chip maker spent somewhere close to $100 to $150 million to acquire Basis.

While we know Intel is coming up with a smartwatch soon, there’s no clear word on when. The company could launch it later this year or even in early 2015 if previous reports are anything to go by, so don’t hold your breath. At a recently concluded Reddit AMAA, the Intel CEO Brian Krzanich claimed that the company is currently working with a lot of smartwatches to properly assess the positives and the negatives from each smartwatch. So with plenty of research and time on Intel’s hands, this smartwatch could turn out to be something special.

Given Samsung and Intel’s partnership with the Tizen platform, it goes without saying that any new smartwatches coming from the company will feature the same OS. But as long as Intel makes its smartwatches compatible with a wide range of devices, the consumers will not have a problem. This is an area where Samsung seems to have missed the trick with its new range of Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit smartwatches.

Source: Wearable World News

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  1. Samsung tends to work well with companies that may rival them. they are after all working with Google competing for a number of their own products.
    Intel has a good pool of technology and resources so hopefully this will result to a more affordable and excellent smartwatch in the near future.

  2. Intel and Samsung working together on a smartwatch. For some reason, that doesn’t sound practical to me. Samsung has its own line of smartwatches running Tizen. Intel’s smartwatches would become a competition to Samsung. So why?

  3. Smartwatches are going to be the next big thing in the tech industry. It feels like a few years back when the smartphone era was in its infancy. But its good to see another platform, Tizen, coming out in on different devices. But I hope it’ll be worth the wait.

  4. Heh. This certainly isn’t a surprise. However, we probably won’t see anything from Intel on this front. If I had dime for every time Intel bought a company and claimed great things were ahead…I’d be rich.

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