Instagram v5.1 will introduce a new sleeker UI along with performance improvements

 Instagram Update

The Instagram for Android app will soon get an update to version 5.1 which will bring a fresher and sleeker UI with overall stability improvements. The makers are touting this to be a major update, so expect some other surprise features to be on board as well. The developers have tweaked the app to work with a variety of Android handsets.

This refresh can be compared to the iOS version overhaul which was conducted last year with several new changes. Here, the Instagram team has also taken performance into account and has made some changes which will reportedly speed up loading times substantially. And for devices with larger screens, the buttons are now more accessible thanks to the internal tweaking done by the team. The same changes apply to smaller devices as well.

The update hasn’t gone live on the Play Store yet, but if you have already downloaded the app, you might receive an update notification anytime soon now. But if you’re impatient to get the update, you can manually download the .apk file from the link below.

Source: Instagram, Download Link (apk)

Via: Droid-Life


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  1. I never really understood the concept of Instagram beyond the usage of those filters to make the pictures look retro or cool. Anyway, I am sure people who use Instagram will be happy.

  2. That has been one of the major complaints that the company has been getting. Its really slow in loading images. I hope this update improves it.

  3. Exciting! One thing my kids always complain about is how long it takes to download pictures on Instagram through their phones. They will be very glad to hear they are going to update and one of the things will be to speed it up.

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