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HTC’s dedicated app for the Dot View case hits the Play Store

Dot View Case

One of the key features from the new HTC One was the really cool looking case that was announced with it. Known as the Dot View cases, this brought back memories from the retro days. As we all know, the case requires an app to function on the device.

HTC has now made this application available on the Play Store, indicating that this feature could be coming to its existing lineup of smartphones like the HTC One, One Mini and the One Max in the coming days. However, using this feature will require compatible hardware, so this also hints that HTC is possibly looking to launch similar cases for its older devices as well.

The availability of a dedicated app means that the manufacturer won’t have to update the entire firmware to bring changes to this particular feature. We recently saw the BlinkFeed and Zoe apps making their way to the Play Store as well. This is something Motorola did with a few of its core apps last year.

Source: Google Play Store


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  1. This really reminds me of being a kid with a Light-Bright set. Anyone here have one of those? I like the idea but I do think it will get pretty boring after a bit and people will get bored from it.

  2. This is one thing I like that is coming with the new HTC One. The case is really good looking, and useful too, to some extent. But unfortunate that it is not compatible with any of the Samsung Galaxy phones, or the Nexus 5 as well.

  3. I think this is geared to the younger crowd, who like new technology that’s different. It’s an interesting look and will probably eventually come with different settings. I don’t know that too many adults will buy it.

  4. Those are some pretty cool looking cases and I can see my child asking for one. Another new thing for teens to walk around showing off. Wonder what price the case and the app will be going for?

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