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HTC will host a livestream for its March 25 event

HTC One Timer

The All New HTC One is scheduled to be announced on the 25th of March in New York City. And HTC has just announced that this event can be watched by the entire world through a livestream from its official website. To further hype the launch, the manufacturer has also put up a countdown timer which is counting down to the start of the event on Tuesday. As the timer turns zero, the event will begin streaming, so make sure you bookmark the page to get immediate access to the event.

The smartphone is no longer a mystery with several leaks giving away all the information we need on the handset. The feature which has caught our attention is the Duo-Camera setup on the back which reportedly features a combined resolution of 16 megapixels. This in addition to the 5 inch 1080p display, the Snapdragon 801 chipset and the aluminum unibody construction could make for a terrific smartphone. But whether the smartphone will manage to convince potential buyers is something only time will tell.

Source: HTC

Via: Android Central


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  1. Haha. Yeah. The camera is work in progress. I think they should work more on it and probably it will be a good one in future release.

  2. Nexus 5 is awesome. No doubt. But the new HTC One is going to be awesome too. No doubt about that.

  3. People in India only wait for the event to be made available on YouTube, because that is the only way we can get to know the device better. I’m pretty sure HTC will not launch this in India for at least 2 more months.

  4. Nexus 5 Owner. If you really have a Nexus 5, why would you want a HTC One? Nexus 5 is awesome. 🙂

  5. Four more days and we will be able to order the all new HTC One. That’s awesome. Me and my friends have been waiting for this.

  6. Yes, this is going to be awesome. Watching these events live stream on YouTube is like a vacation at the office. We all sit and enjoy this.

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