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HTC temporarily halts the Android 4.4 update for the HTC One in the UK


The Android 4.4.2 update recently started making its way to the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe. However, some users in the region reportedly had some issues after the update was sent to their devices. So keeping this in mind, HTC has decided to temporarily halt the rollout until there is a fix to the problem. The exact nature of this bug is not known yet, but since HTC has acknowledged it and stopped the rollout, we’re guessing it is something serious.

A company statement said – “We are aware that a limited number of HTC users are experiencing difficulties with the KitKat update. As a result, all FOTA updates have been temporarily suspended. HTC is committed to providing customers with the best possible mobile experience and we are working hard to resolve the issue quickly.”

So if residents of the UK haven’t upgraded their HTC One handsets to KitKat yet, it will most likely remain on Android 4.3 for the foreseeable future. However, knowing HTC and its quick turnaround times, we can expect a fresh update to be rolled out in the coming weeks.

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  1. Are they safe? I have no idea about how to root or install custom recovery. Is there any kind of a guide to do all this? That would help me a lot I guess.

  2. I don’t about any Sense ROMs, but there are many custom ROMs based on Android 4.4.2 even on XDA Developers for the HTC One. You can download any of them and try. But you’ll need to be rooted, and have a custom recovery installed for this.

  3. Any updates on this? What was the bug actually? Is there a leaked version of the ROM which is stable enough to be a daily driver? I want to try it. I’ve been waiting for it for long now.

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