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Here are a few sample images taken from the Samsung Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 Sample Image

Samsung has spoken in length about the capabilities of the Galaxy S5 smartphone, including its camera. And today we have a brief look at the performance of the camera module used in the smartphone thanks to a few sample images revealed by the manufacturer ahead of the smartphone’s awaited launch next month.

Galaxy S5 Action Shot

These images reveal excellent clarity and some of those bokeh effect features are shown off here as well. But as this is coming directly from the manufacturer, it is hard to assess the smartphone’s real capabilities. At least until there’s the device is officially announced and more people get to play around with the camera. But these images do give us an idea of the work put into the camera of the Galaxy S5, which is increasingly becoming one of the most important aspects of a smartphone.

Galaxy S5 Sample Image -2

Head over to the link below to check out the complete collection of pictures show off by the manufacturer. Do these images convince you of the Galaxy S5’s true camera potential or would you rather wait till the smartphone officially hits markets next month?

Source: Mobile-Review

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  1. OMG! That is a lot of storage on a smartphone. More movies and videos, and probably, good bye sleep. 🙂

  2. I think there are a few smartphones coming very soon with 128 GB storage. I’m pretty sure I’ve read it somewhere.

  3. Yeah. I don’t remember the last time I thought of buying a new camera. The Sony point and shoot I have does a wonderful job. But I don’t feel the need to carry that on trips as well.

  4. Along with image quality, you have enough space on the smartphones these days. Plus, Samsung phones usually come with microSD card support as well. So its not really a concern at all.

  5. Samsung’s editing features are out of this world for doing it all on a smartphone. The only downside to the 16MP sensor, is that file sizes will be bigger. Of course, with image quality like this, who really cares?

  6. Yeah, these images are extremely impressive, I didn’t realize the new 16MP sensor strapped on the back of the S5 would provide much of a difference, but man! That is nuts!

  7. Um…that is amazing! Somebody call up the point-and-shoot camera businesses, Samsung’s shutting ’em down!

  8. I agree! These images are impressive! I am pretty impressed. I love how you don’t even need to take a camera with you anymore. Phones are coming out with better cameras all the time. I’m pretty excited about this new camera!

  9. Note 3 has a 13 MP camera, and this is a 16 MP one. So the image quality will obviously be better. But I don’t think I’ve seen such effects on any other Samsung device before. I’m talking about the motion blur in the first image, and whatever you call it in the second sample.

  10. Wow! These image are just awesome. That’s some real high quality imagery. It would be foolish to compare this with images from a Nexus 5. But I’m kind of tempted to do that. But these are so much better than the Note 3.

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