Google And Microsoft Are Against Dual-OS Devices

It looks like we won’t be seeing devices running on Android and Windows anytime soon as a report by the Wall Street Journal says that both companies are against the idea. This places a roadblock on Intel’s plan to place Android and Windows Phone on a single device.

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The concept of a hybrid device became popular during the recently held CES 2014 when Asus unveiled it laptop-tablet device called the Transformer Book Duet. This device was supposed to become available in the US market this month however it hasn’t appeared yet. The reason for this is that Microsoft and Google are against the deivce. WSJ reports that “Facing pressure from Google and Microsoft, Taiwanese PC maker Asustek Computer Inc has indefinitely postponed plans to sell a high-profile device designed to simultaneously run both Android and Windows software, people familiar with the matter said.”

Asus will also stop selling its other dual-os devices that have already been launched in the market such as the Asus Transformer AiO P1801 and P1802 all-in-one PCs.

A similar scenario is also happening with the Samsung Ativ Q which was announced in July 2013. This is a dual-os notebook, tablet hybrid that runs on Windows 8 and Android which until now has not been released in the market. It’s very likely that we won’t be seeing this product at all.

Google and Microsoft have not made any official statements regarding this issue however insiders have given the reason behind this. Patrick Moorhead, principal analyst at Moor Insights and Strategy, said last January that “Microsoft does not want [dual-OS devices] to happen.”  He also said recently that “Google wants all-Android devices”

This means that hardware manufacturers, such as Intel, will have to drop its plan of creating dual-os devices. But what about Huawei that recently announced that it will soon be releasing a dual-boot smartphone running on Android and Windows Phone? There’s a big chance that it will be cancelled too.

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  1. Each of them is protecting their own turf so this is definitely not practical at this time.

    And why would someone wants to have two OSes on their mobiles?

  2. I guess they will have to pull it back. Google will definitely not allow access to Play Store if Huawei comes up with such device.

  3. I would have liked to try out a device running both Android and Windows, but I’m not surprised to hear that neither company wants to “duet” on a single device. Oh well, guess I’ll keep my separate Android and Windows gadgets for now!

  4. This was expected. Wonder what Huawei will do with their plans of Android/Windows dual boot phone.

  5. I’m not too excited about this. This is going to be like those dual SIM card support smartphones. Will not catch a lot of market share if you ask me.

  6. It might be useful. But the problem is, Android is not yet ready to go on a laptop as an OS. You have Chrome OS for that, on Chromebooks. And Windows is not really a great OS for tablets. Its a very bad combination IMO.

  7. Even I don’t like this. I agree with Google on this, increasing the market share of Microsoft’s Windows OS only because it comes with Google’s Android.

  8. Thats not a good news. For few things, Windows is good and for few others Android is good. So, it would have been nice to have both in the same device.

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