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Google hangouts, chat and drive down, the problem is not your end

Are you having trouble with your Google account, specifically Chat, Hangouts and Drive?  Well, you are not alone, there has been a reported failure of various Google services around the globe for  a couple of hours now and the problem is not your end, so stop diagnosing, troubleshooting and restarting (browser, connection or machine).


This failure, according to ZDNET, affects a section of users and it affects general and personal accounts of both free and paid Apps for business users.  I personally haven’t been able to load the Gmail chat service staring around 9 am PDT today, but I can access the Google Drive with ease.  What is not working for you?  Let others know to help calm those who panic easily.

So far, I haven’t seen any reaction or personalized message from the giant company, not even on the service failure notification message, but we will update you as soon as we hear anything from Google.

UPDATE: It appears that the Google Apps dashboard now admits there is a problem with Google Hangouts, Google+, Google Drive and Google Spreadsheets and it affects users globally.  However, it appears not everyone is affected, so for now it seems pretty random.

UPDATE: GTalk and Hangouts are back up on my end.

Let’s wait and see.

Source: Apps Status Dashboard via zdnet.com


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  1. I actually use Hangouts more than WhatsApp. That is because I and a few of my buddies are Google fanboys. So we naturally use almost every Google service very extensively (we even used Wave on a daily basis, and were addicted to it. We felt sad to see it axed).

  2. I think it feels the same whenever a chatroom is filled with a lot of folks.
    same thing with Microsoft’s Lync service on their Office 2013. It really gets downward annoying when people starts discussing different ideas and topics almost at the same time.

  3. All my Gmail and G+ friends have left. I wonder who else are using Hangout these days. I really think the days of this service is numbered.

  4. I still have my page but I no longer use the Hangouts or the Chat. For some reason I have just started to get into the mode that my phone is not something I want to be tied down to. Many of the times when you have a large group of people in the chat it gets downright annoying. Anyone else feeling this way?

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