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Google Chromecast launching in the UK and Australia soon


Speaking at the SXSW conference, Google SVP and chief of the Android team, Sundar Pichai has claimed that the Chromecast media dongle will soon make its way to more regions. He said that users of the UK and Australia can soon expect to get the dongle soon, with support from plenty of content providers.

He also spoke about how well the Chromecast has been doing in the U.S. and other parts of the world with the sales figure somewhere in the millions, although he refrained from giving away actual sales numbers. Pichai also announced the arrival of Android SDK for wearables in a couple of weeks, which would open doors for stock Android based smartwatches and plenty of other wearables. He even spoke about a possible “Smart Jacket” with sensors attached to it. But it seems like we will see the company’s smartwatch first by mid-2014.

The success of Chromecast can be accredited to the pricing of the device. With the initial pricing of $35, Google ensured that almost every home in the country could afford it for their streaming and other media needs. We expect the company to follow a similar sales model in the UK and Australia as well.

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  1. I don’t know about the price. I’m even ready to pay 50 bucks for this. It’s a real great and useful accessory.

  2. I guess Google is still testing the water with its Chromecast device. All comes out to how good of a market it can capture if it decides to release it in Asian and other markets.

  3. Whats the betting that the price in the uk will be £35 instead of £21, which would be $35 at present exchange rate

  4. Google appears to be cautious in rolling out this dongle to other markets. I know someone from Asia waiting for this to become available there.
    I hope it will be there soon.

  5. This is good news. This is just what we wanted in the UK. I had got one of these from my friends in the US, but it never worked. I never got anything streamed to my TV. I hope the one I buy here will work.

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