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Get a feel of the Galaxy S5 on any Android phone with this new app

Galaxy S5

We have seen plenty of videos about the features and functioning of the Samsung Galaxy S5. But what if you got a brief look at all these features right from your existing Android smartphone? To achieve this, the Korean manufacturer has launched a new app called Galaxy S5 Experience which lets you get a feel of the smartphone and its UI from any Android device.

Users can check out the functioning of features such as the heart rate monitor, pedometer as well as the camera. This could probably give you a better idea of what is different with the new Samsung UI. The Gear functionality on the app is yet to be added, but it tells us plenty about how users can connect with their paired smartwatch.

The Galaxy S5 has gone up for pre-order via AT&T, U.S. Cellular and Sprint today with the T-Mobile variant following suit on Monday. The smartphone won’t start reaching stores until the 11th of April, but Samsung has already set up several preview locations across the world where users can walk in and experience the new Samsung flagship.

Source: Google Play Store

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  1. That does get irritating, yeah. Some of the apps they provide are good, but a lot of the apps are different types of Samsung stores, like Market, S Store, and etc.

  2. To some extent. The features and the value added apps that they provide, they are actually good. But the fact that they make it unusable by not optimizing the OS, that’s where it gets irritating.

  3. Ah ok. So you’re saying if Samsung could optimize their apps better, things might get a bit more productive on the S5 or Note 2, whatever it be?

  4. The ease at which a task can be completed, or the bloatware which does a lot, you become more productive if all these apps work as they are expected to work. On a Samsung, you try to open the S Note to take a quick note. But it take up to a minute sometimes. Its that slow, and that’s not productive. This is what I meant to say.

  5. Well, some people may debate with you on that. Looking at it from an objective view, the S5 is productive in that it has a lot of preloaded Samsung apps that focus on making the user more productive. Google, on the other hand, believes that simplicity makes the user more productive. So, when it comes down to it, it’s what fits your personality.

  6. It even uses YouTube for its video demos!
    I was thinking this app will provide more than promo videos and tips how to use new features in S5.
    This is not worth downloading.

  7. I have one in old S3 and it does capture the experience of having an S5 to some degree.
    It’s more of a demo what one will see on an S5 screen and nothing more.

  8. Exactly. Never hangs up on you, never refuses to do what you want. Cooperates very well if you want to root and flash a custom ROM.

  9. No doubt. I don’t know what 100% what it is. All the software they throw in there or just bad optimization?

  10. Yeah. Even with the Snapdragon 801 SoC, I’m pretty sure that the smartphone is going to show lags after a few weeks of active usage.

  11. Its more like an interactive slideshow, nothing more than that. It asks you to click a few buttons, that’s all.

  12. And I’m pretty sure people who love Android for what it is and what it can be, would not go any more further than trying out an S5. I mean that I wouldn’t buy one. Nexus is just awesome.

  13. But does the app allow us to know how it feels when all the bloatwares come into act with the S5 UI? Doubt it.

  14. Samsung devices are notorious for being anything but smooth, mainly because of all the unnecessary software it is packing. That said, the only explanation is because this is an emulation. To get the real experience, one really needs to take a physical look at the actual S5.

  15. As Arnold said, it’s fast and appealing because it’s in emulation. It really doesn’t demonstrate the real thing properly.

  16. Yeah, I don’t think the actual device will be so smooth. Even I tried the app. The S Health app is really good looking. It would be good if Samsung allows people to download it on other phones too.

  17. Downloaded the app just now. The UI is kind of attractive, to be frank. Its fast and all. But that’s only because its an emulation.

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