GamingCast Lets You Play Retro Games Using ChromeCast

Do you own a ChromeCast and want to extend its features? Right now you can watch online videos and audio on your TV with Google’s tiny HDMI dongle however that’s not the only thing you can do with it. Try downloading an app at the Google Play store called GamingCast which costs $1.50 and you will be able to enjoy playing classic games.


GamingCast is installed on your smartphone or tablet. Once your device is paired with the ChromeCast you can then use the on=screen button on your mobile device to control the game which you can view on your TV.

Right now the game library is limited to Snake, Pong, Xonix, and Tetrominoes which is a Tetris clone. More titles are expected to become available soon according to the app developer. There’s even a multiplayer mode that will be introduced in the future so that you can play with your friends online.

As far as gameplay is concerned everything works smoothly. There really isn’t any game breaking experience however a few lags are noticeable when playing Pong and Tetris. Snake however performed well.

So are we going to see any 3D games or first person shooters available anytime soon? It’s still too early to tell. Chromecast has the hardware to support 3D and HD video so it’s now up to GamingCast if it can take advantage of this feature.

GamingCast is currently in version 1.1 and requires a device running on at least Android 2.2 to work. Some of the features of this version include

  • New feature to turn on WiFi if disabled (prompt on entering app)
  • Snake, Xonix and Tetrominoes got a new design
  • Support for Immersive Mode (KitKat+), (click on logo to toggle, or slide from top to down)
  • New better design for settings and cast icons.

If you don’t want to pay $1.50 for this app but still want to enjoy playing classic games then you might want to check out Pixocast which allows you to play simply HTML5 games on the Chromecast. Some of the titles available are Snake, Tetris, Asteroids, and Flappy Birds clones.

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  1. It should. I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t, unless there’s some issue with licensing.

  2. hmm. That’s sort of cool, but a lot of us are still waiting for an app that makes the Chromecast a bit more useful than just…well…streaming YouTube videos on your TV.

  3. I had no idea there are Flappy Bird clones. That was one of the best, and the worst games I’ve ever played. My highest score was 3, but I tried it only about 6-7 times.

  4. I really don’t mind paying an extra $0.50 so long as the selection are great. I know for a single user 0.50 may not mean much while it can be a big deal for developers and publishers, but getting fun out of despite the price difference is a real consideration for me. I’d gladly dish out another 0.50 if there will be excellent games in there.

  5. Cool. I heard there are Snake, Pong, “Xonix”, and “Tetrominoes” (Tetris) in this. but don’t you think $1.50 is a bit high?
    I’d rather prefer the $0.99 price.

  6. I hope this comes to the UK as well. Chromecast is coming to the UK now, it would be good if this also comes along.

  7. This is going to be awesome. No more cables. That’s what I’ve wanted for a long time. And playing those games on a big screen is going to be fun.

  8. This is awesome. This is going to change mobile gaming. Well, we are able to do this from a long time using a HDMI cable and a Bluetooth keyboard. But wirelessly casting the display on a bigger screen while playing a game, that’s something new (I guess).

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