Gameplay of Angry Birds Epic shown off in a video

Angry Birds Epic

The new Angry Birds Epic game was revealed to be a turn based RPG last week, which piqued interest among a lot of gaming fans. And now, the developer has published a gameplay video revealing how it actually works. And we must say, it’s certainly a big switch from traditional bird slinging action that we’re accustomed to.

This includes battles between the two factions including magic tricks and other power spells to choose from. We’re guessing the game will allow users to play as both the birds and the pigs, which should make for a very interesting gameplay. It will also come with the usual humor related to Angry Birds.

Sadly, the game is only available on iOS at this point and limited to Australia, New Zealand and Canada with more countries reportedly following suit. There’s no ETA for the Android version either, but we’re hoping Rovio won’t make us wait too long. We’ll make sure you’re the first to know when the game is made available on the Google Play Store. In the meantime, make sure you watch the video below to get a feel of the gameplay.

Source: Rovio


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  1. wow! a turn-based Angry Birds game is a big surprise for me.
    Although it may take some time before an Android version will become available, I’m thrilled to know that I should be able to play another Angry Bird game on my phone.
    Good job Rovio.

  2. Yes, this is different and interesting. I hope Rovio starts bringing changes in the game play like this to all future versions of the game (yes, I do believe that there will be more Angry Birds available).

  3. Now that’s interesting. Something different from the original series. I’m waiting for this now.

  4. Angry Birds seems to get a great deal of lip from people saying that it is just the same game painted in another light. I still enjoy the game, it is fun and one of those little things you do when you are a little bored. I don’t think the makers assume it is going to be bigger and badder than the other games out there that hardcore gamers flock to.

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