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Galaxy Note 3 Questions About the Lockscreen and S Pen

Galaxy Note 3 Questions About the Lockscreen and S Pen

In this article, we shall quickly discuss the two questions which were sent to us via The Droid Guy Mailbag.

How to Get Preview of SMS, Calls and Other Important Elements of Galaxy Note 3 in Lockscreen

Q: “Hi,  I’m looking for a solution whereby my SMS/missed call notifications get displayed on lockscreen so I can peek at it and ideally it would be nice to have the phone flash upon receipt of notification instead of playing a sound or vibrate. Any way this can be achieved by mean of tweaking a setting or installing 3rd party app? Thanks.—Charles”

A: There is actually a way to monitor your notifications under locked screen without doing special tweaking or downloading a third-party app. All you have to do is activate the phone’s Quick Glance feature.

Although it is usually activated by default, here’s a way to enable it if it is not yet active in your phone:

1. Unlock your Galaxy Note 3.

2. Go to its Settings.

3. Open Motions.

4. Look for the Quick Glance option and tap the box next to it to enable the feature.

The feature will make your phone emit a quick flash of light even in lock screen when there are important updates such as missed calls, messages and app notifications. It will also display battery life, time, date and other information from the key elements of your phone.

How to Monitor the Galaxy Note 3 S Pen

Q: “I usually misplace my S Pen, is there a way to track it? Please provide me a recommendation of apps that I can install.—Robbie”

A: There’s no need to download anything to monitor your S Pen. All you have to do is enable the S Pen Keeper so that when your device detects that you are moving away from the stylus, it will sound off an alert.

You can enable this feature using the steps below:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Access Controls.

3. Select S Pen.

4. Put a check on the box next to S Pen Keeper.

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