Cut The Rope 2 Now Available For Free At The Google Play Store

Last December ZeptoLab released Cut the Rope 2 as an iOS exclusive game with a promise that the title will soon become available for Android devices. That time has finally arrived as the game is available for free at the Google Play store and will also be arriving at the Amazon Appstore this coming March 30.

cut the rope 2

It’s interesting to note that Cut the Rope 2 is available for free on the Android platform while it costs $0.99 on the iOS platform. This could mean that the game has a high revenue from its in-app purchases from the App Store and ZeptoLab is projecting the same results at Google Play which is why they can make it available for free.

Misha Lyalin, CEO of ZeptoLab, said that “Our fans with Androids have been eagerly awaiting Cut the Rope 2 since the iOS game first became available in December. We have been working hard to bring new content and challenges to this free version, while maintaining the all of the fun and simplicity that made Cut the Rope 2 great.”

The Android version has a couple of added features such as in-game power-ups, hints, customization, additional mission for every level, and a new interactive map.

ZeptoLab also announced a milestone today as the Cut the Rope franchise has passed 500 million cumulative downloads. This figure includes the downloads for the original game, Cut the Rope: Time Travel, Cut the Rope: Experiments, and Cut the Rope 2. It’s not clear though how the numbers are spread out between the titles.

Cut the Rope is a game where players need to feed Om Nom by cutting ropes and relying on physics to drop food. The sequel brings fresh challenges and a new storyline in the mix.

Some of the new features of Cut the Rope 2 include

  • New locations to explore
  • New characters to meet
  • New hats to brag about
  • New adventures for Om Nom
  • New missions

If you are a fan of this franchise then head out over to the Google Play store right now and download the game on your device

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  1. Top notch game. I’ve played this once and I’m very glad that a much better version is available on Android. 🙂

  2. a very enjoyable game indeed. I’m glad this is being offered for free in Android now. i used to enjoy it on my iPad.

  3. Given a bigger Android user base, this game may have become profitable even if it’s being offered for free.
    This game’s awesome to pass the time. I played it recently during a 4-hour out of town trip.

  4. Yeah. Or else it usually gets boring, and I get sleepy. I either listen to music or play games. Sometimes do both. And offers like these will help me.

  5. Downloaded and played it. Its pretty fun, and challenging at places too. And good news that its free.

  6. It’s not a lot different. But its more fun, and challenging, to some extent. I did like it. What about you?

  7. I’m not familiar with this game, but if it’s free, I’ll definitely download it and give it a try. I’m all about freebies! If Cut the Rope has been downloaded 500 million times already, it must be good!

  8. A lot of games are addictive, Cut the Rope, Subway Surfers, Gyro, and the infamous Flappy Bird! 😀

  9. I love this game! I have it on my tablet and play it often. I’m excited I can download it to my phone for free and play it during my lunch hour.

  10. I’m going to play it during any downtime at work. I love it when I can download games for free on my phone! I always have it with me and I play games when I get bored.

  11. I was wondering if it was going to be a lot different. I have played the older version several times and I loved it. I’m going to go download it now though. I love free games!

  12. I played this game on my friend’s iPhone and it’s really addictive and fun. I’m going to download it to my phone and drive my family crazy by playing it all the time!

  13. I remember being hooked to this. Excellent thing that it is free now. Will have another go at it.

  14. You should definitely try the game. It is fun and engaging. There will be in-app purchases for sure, but the game is free to download and you can play a lot without paying a dime.

  15. Wow! This is a great improvement from the first version. I just installed and played the game. This is much better now. Good work, ZeptoLab!

  16. This is a fun game for sure. I’ve played the first part. Downloading this now. Lets see. And I guess there are ads also, the full screen ones which just pop up out of nowhere when you are busy playing. I hate those.

  17. I love this game. You can buy extra things when you are playing the game. I think that is why they are making the download free. I will download it for sure. I have played it several times on a friend’s phone.

  18. Cut the Rope 2 looks pretty fun! I have never played it before but I will download it if it is going to be free. Not sure how they can make money off a free game? Do you have to pay for something after you download it?

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