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Best Buy Offering The Chance To Test The Galaxy S5 At Selected Stores

Samsung Galaxy S5

If you’ve been looking to get a Galaxy S5 next month but wanted to test the device first, now you can. Starting today, at select Best Buy stores in the US, Samsung is offering you the chance to test their device.

Both the Galaxy S5 and the new Gear smartwatch line are available for you to try out. So if you pre-ordered the S5 but are feeling apprehensive about your purchase, this is good for you. You can test out these devices and if you feel they aren’t for you, your pre-order can be cancelled.

Or you can cancel the pre-order from your carrier directly and get it from Best Buy instead, as they are offering a $10 gift card with your pre-order.

Some AT&T stores will also have the Galaxy S5 on display, but they provide no list of the 100 specific stores that will have them on display. So for AT&T, you’ll have to just try your luck.

Both the Galaxy S5 and the Gear line go on sale for al major carriers in the US on April 11th.

Source: Best Buy via Droid Life


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  1. I would check out the bigger stores and see if they are offering it. Wouldn’t hurt to mention that other cities are doing it so why don’t they? Are you in small city?

  2. It should ideally be a big market so most Best Buy in big cities should have this.
    They may have other qualifications to meet other than population.

  3. There’s not much interesting stuff on the new S5 other than some improvements and features.
    I think i’m skipping S5 altogether to wait for the next in line.
    In the meantime, my old S3 should do the job until the next upgrade.

  4. Nice promotional strategy. This is will definitely peek interest in some of the customers. Although I wonder if people will actually appreciate they lack of difference between S4 and S5.

  5. This is a good promotional idea. Let users see how good the phone is, and then let them go buy a stock ROM based phone, may be a Nexus or a Google Play Edition device.

  6. A friend told me about this and said no stores in our area were offering this. When stores do promotions like this what are they basing it on? Population of the surrounding area? If so I don’t see why our stores would not do it.

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