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AT&T Cuts Cost Of Single-Line Data Plans



The mobile price war keeps getting interesting. Just a day after T-Mobile announced that their plans now have more data, AT&T is following suit. AT&T already launched their Mobile Share Value Plans for families last month, saving some people a lot of money. Individual users weren’t able to take advantage of those savings since they were only for families.

But now users on an individual or double-line plans can now get savings as well. Previously, a 2 GB data plan cost one person $80 per month, before taxes and other fees. Now, that plan only costs $65 per month with additional smartphones being able to be added on for $25 a month extra.

These new plans launch tomorrow, Sunday March 9th. If you’re already on a 2 GB data plan, you should definitely switch to this new plan to save some money. More money in your pocket is always a plus.

Source: AT&T via Re/code


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  1. This is a good thing, especially with two lines. We pay a ridiculous amount for two people as it is, it’s about time they do something about the high cost of packages. Every time I go over my data I want to scream at the cost.

  2. $40 per phone difference is a lot not to mention the ever increasing cost of excess data charges.
    I think AT&T’s idea will take off especially for those paying only for one line data.

  3. I share your sentiments. I think I’m gonna love AT&T this time around.
    all this smartphone plans they’re offering are draining my pocket faster than it used to be.

  4. It is about time. It’s amazing how they can overcharge you on data and messaging. I pay a lot a month for my package which includes unlimited texting and 2 GB of data. I have a renewal coming up so I may change carriers.

  5. I am pretty excited about this too. I say, it’s about time. This is a lot cheaper than what I have right now. I’m due for an upgrade soon so I might even switch plans. Right now I’m paying an additional $40 per phone and the data plans are not that cheap.

  6. Nice! I wondered when these carriers were going to start dropping the monthly charges for non-family plans. I only have a 2-person plan and up until now I was never getting any savings!

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