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Apple demanding $40 in licensing fees for every Samsung Galaxy device sold

Apple vs Samsung

Apple’s ongoing legal tussle with Samsung has taken a new turn with the Cupertino giant now asking for a ridiculous $40 per every Galaxy smartphone and tablet sold in the coming days. This comes after Apple alleged Samsung of infringing on five of its patents pertaining to autocorrect, slide to unlock, data synchronization, the ability to turn phone numbers into links and another patent related to unified search.

This is a tad surprising as Apple had demanded $30 per device for a lot more patents back in 2010, so it seems like the Cupertino giant is being a little too ambitious. FOSS Patents reports that traditionally, companies tend to pay not more than $10 in licensing fees, so the likelihood of this proposal being agreed to is very slim at the moment.

Apple reportedly wants Samsung to lift up the prices of its smartphones to accommodate for this hefty licensing fee, which would ultimately affect the customers. Samsung obviously will not take this seriously until the court passes an official verdict, so the Korean manufacturer has very little to worry about.

Do you think Apple’s demands are too extreme? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: FOSS Patents

Via: Cult of Android


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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple could get Samsung out of the market. When it comes to patents and electronics, our courts are not only behind the times, but are quite uneducated in the area.

  2. Most of it has to do with trying to drive Samsung out of the market. Apple doesn’t want Samsung to outsell them. It will be interesting to see what happens in court and would be a little outrageous if Apple is allowed to do this.

  3. Exactly. Apple really doesn’t care about Samsung using their more minor alleged patents, otherwise, the two companies would strike up a contract. Apple only cares about making profits off of Samsung, who sells billions of devices a year. As you said, they stand to make billions “without breaking a sweat.”

  4. I agree. This is too much. And I still don’t understand why people fall for Apple and overpay for each of the company’s devices. With $40 a device, Apple will be making billions without breaking a sweat.

  5. Apple demands this, Apple demands that, Apple wants it to be their way–that’s all we here these days. Since the court rulings began between Apple and Samsung, Apple has requested at least 90% of Samsung’s profits on each device. How about we just go our separate ways, give up the court shenanigans, and focus on innovation?

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