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Amazon will reportedly launch its Project Aria smartphone later this year


Amazon is yet to make things public about its smartphone which has been making the rounds in the rumor mill since last year. A new report however claims that the wait might finally be over as the largest online retailer in the world could launch this smartphone later this year. It is said that the company is referring to this device as “Project Aria”. Earlier rumors had indicated that Amazon was working on this smartphone with HTC.

However, Amazon is reportedly facing some serious dilemmas with the launch of this smartphone, says the report. While the company wants its smartphones to make its way to developing nations as well, providing content in those regions might not be possible. And as we all know, one of Amazon’s most lucrative businesses is providing content like movies, TV shows etc with its devices. This is how the company manages to sell its Kindle Fire tablets for such an affordable price. However with little to no access for content downloads in developing nations, Amazon might have to rethink its strategy.

In this economic climate, Amazon cannot afford to launch a high end smartphone either, especially with the likes of Samsung and LG dominating the Android segment. So it has to go with a midrange or even low end offering to be taken seriously. We will know how things pan out in the coming days, so stay tuned for more on this.

Source: The Information

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  1. Exactly. These days, its all about the services you give. That’s whey Android is now so tightly bound to Google’s services.

  2. You can use Play Store only if you are using Google’s version of Android, sort of. But if you don’t want to pay Google for its services. you can download or fork the AOSP build and do whatever you want. Both Amazon and Nokia did this.

  3. Wasn’t Google pissed off at Amazon for tampering with Android and coming up with Kindle Fire? They did not allow them to use Play Store.

  4. I think that even with Samsung and LG dominating the high end and premium smartphone segment, there is room for healthy competition. If Amazon comes out with a worthy competitor, with access to Google Play, I think it has very good chances of survival.

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