Xperia Z1 Compact Owners Report Flash Bleed Problems

Sony has just recently released into the market a small device that does not compromise in performance called the Xperia Z1 Compact. This device which is patterned after its older sibling the Xperia Z1 is unlike any other mini version released in the market as it can stand on its own owing to its powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset used.

xperia z1 compact

Early adopters of this model are generally pleased with it however just like any other device problems do occur. One of the problems that owners of the Xperia Z1 Compact are facing is the flash bleed that occurs during low lighting conditions or night shots. This issue is apparently caused by the flash light that seeps through the lens and chassis which causes the photos to be distorted. It is also more prevalent in the pink and lime models than in the black models.

Over at the Sony Mobile forum, member Richdog posted an account of the issue saying that “I am VERY dissappointed with the camera and its poor performance. 80% of the photos I take with my phone are while on a night out with friends, usually in bars or other more dimly lit places than broad daylight. In Auto mode, photos taken in the average pub lightning are unuseable,m and look so artifical as to completely destroy any detail in the faces of the people I snap. I have also experimented with manual settings, but still the quakity is just plain poor. In fact, mny Samsung Galaxy S III blows it out of the water in this regard, images in similar conditions are much superior”

Another forum member commented that “It looks like the flashlight is guided through the glass between flash and lens, thus bleeding in the picture. Some guys have tested this by covering the flash with cardboard (or similar). Instead of avoiding the light pollution it got worse. Unfortunately, this probably will not be fixable with a software update.”

A German forum called Android-Hilfe also has a post regarding this problem which has already generated more than 180 replies.

Apparently the issue concerns the physical design of the device rather than on the software side.

Sony has not made any comments yet about this issue.

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