AT&T launches upgraded family plan with unlimited talk/text and 10GB of data

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AT&T has announced a new upgrade on its existing family plans, providing more data than usual. Starting from $130 for two lines, this new plan will give users unlimited talk/text and 10GB of data. For each additional family member, AT&T will charge $15 more. So for 4 users, families will have to pay $160 per month, which is much cheaper than rival offerings. Verizon offers similar plans for $260, which AT&T proudly mentions in the announcement, so there’s quite a bit of savings to be had. This new updated family plan will go live today.

To be eligible for this plan, customers will need to sign up for the AT&T Next monthly installment program. Users will have to bring their own phone, buy one at full retail price or simply apply for AT&T Next and pay monthly installments on the new phone. So this plan makes more sense for people who already have a smartphone with them and don’t require a new device, so as to save the monthly installment costs of a new phone. This is a pretty neat idea and one which will take on the likes of Verizon as well as T-Mobile which has heated up the competition from the past few months.

Source: AT&T

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  1. It was news to me, glad they posted it. It is an important story. The transition to user-supplied phones is important. That this carrier is supporting
    that is a big deal. This will take the wind out of the
    sails of Apple, because folks will realize how the
    carriers have been subsiding Apple with their customers $$. Also Verizon, cause they use a
    proprietary technology not supported by off the shelf standards-based phones.

  2. When will come day when only the caller pays for minutes, like the rest of the world and our landline phones do?

  3. This is not news – you are getting your “scoops” from advertising? Reporting on commercials? Telling me anything that I’ll ultimately see 1,000 times on television is so god damned lazy and pathetic. I’m astounded this showed up on google news. Look at all the horrible advertising on your site. Dumb

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