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ARM Announces Cortex-A17 Processor Targeting Midrange Mobile Devices

ARM announced this Tuesday its latest processor that’s aimed at midrange mobile.  The ARM Cortex-A17 processor core uses a 32-bit ARMv7-A CPU design offering 60% performance boost compared to the Cortex-A9 while supporting a big.LITTLE task switching. Overall this processor will allow devices to operate much quicker while providing a longer battery life.

Cortex A12

The company announced that this is its most efficient midrange solution to date that delivers a premium user experience to upcoming smartphones and devices. “The Cortex-A17 processor offers premium performance and a high-end feature set making it an ideal fit for every screen – from smartphone to tablet, to Smart TVs and Over-the-top devices. The Cortex-A17 processor is architecturally aligned with the broadly deployed Cortex-A7 processor, enabling next-generation mid-range devices based on big.LITTLE technology.”

The Cortex-A17 processor can be scaled up to four cores each able to offer an out-of-order pipeline allowing it to deliver peak performance levels.

It can also be combined with the highly efficient Core-A7 processor making it an ideal solution to mobile devices in 2015.  The company announced that “The Cortex-A17 processor, in combination with its high-efficiency counterpart Cortex-A7 processor, provides an ideal solution for mobile devices in 2015 and beyond, bringing the heterogeneous processing benefits of big.LITTLE Global Task Switching (GTS) to the mid-range market. Coupled with CoreLink System IP components like the CoreLink CCI-400 interconnect, Cortex-A17 and Cortex-A7 processors are the foundation for upcoming devices that are more efficient and higher performance than any solution in this class before.”

A couple of example configurations are listed below.

Ultimate Mid-range Mobile 2015+ big.LITTLE

  • 2GHz+ Quad-core Cortex-A17 processor with Quad-core Cortex-A7 processor
  • 2Ghz+ Dual-core Cortex-A17 processor with Quad-core Cortex-A7 processor

Mid-range Mobile 2015+ big.LITTLE

  • 1.5GHz – 2GHz Dual-core Cortex-A17 processor and Quad-core Cortex-A7 processor
  • 1.5GHz – 2GHz Dual-core Cortex-A17 processor and Dual-core Cortex-A7 processor

Mid-range Mobile 2015

  • 1.0 – 2.0 GHz Quad-core Cortex-A17 solutions

Cortex-A17 Processor Specifications

  • Out-of-order CPUs with a 11+ stage pipeline
  • 1-4X SMP within a single processor cluster
  • Multiple coherent SMP processor clusters using AMBA 4 ACE technology
  • Compatible with CCI-400 for up to two clusters
  • ARM and Thumb-2
  • TrustZone security technology
  • NEON Advanced SIMD
  • DSP & SIMD extensions
  • VFPv4 Floating point
  • Hardware virtualization support
  • Large Physical Address Extensions (LPAE)
  • Integer Divide
  • Fused MAC
  • Hypervisor debug instructions
  • Support for large physical memory and virtualization
  • CoreSight SoC

ARM expects this processor to be initially based on the 28nm process. It will eventually shift to 20nm once the process becomes cost effective.

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