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Users can now send emails to Google+ connections through Gmail

Gmail - Google+A new update to Gmail allows users to send messages to their Google+ connections directly within the web or mobile version of Gmail. But this doesn’t mean that the Google+ user’s email is compromised as Gmail will only display their name and not the email address, which is a great privacy feature. The email addresses become visible to the other user if you send them an email yourself. Google+ users can opt out of this feature which would mean that fellow Google+ connections will not be able to send mails directly, but for those who choose to get in touch with their contacts on Google+, this is a great feature to have. This feature should make its way to Gmail soon if it already hasn’t and that includes mobile apps as well. Expect an update to Gmail for Android in the coming days with the said feature. This is a decent addition by Google which will help you get in touch with acquaintances directly without compromising your personal email address.

Source: Gmail Blog

Via: Talk Android

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