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Sprint HTC One getting minor update with bug fixes

HTC OneA few users on forums are claiming to have received a small and minor update on their Sprint branded HTC One smartphone. The update changelog suggests that it “Fixes an issue that blocked users from being able to Update Profile/PRL” which is quite specific and to the point. The update shouldn’t be too large in size either as it only has a fix for a specific bug within the device. The Android version will remain unchanged and you will still notice Android 4.3 running the show on your Sprint HTC One.

HTC has promised an Android 4.4 update to hit smartphones by January, but that hasn’t happened yet, so there’s certainly some disappointment with HTC over the rollout of the update. Samsung and Motorola appear to be the only two manufacturers who have the update ready in time with Motorola being the first of the OEMs to rollout an update to its devices. Given HTC’s poor run in the industry, setbacks like these do not send the right signals to the owners of the smartphone or potential buyers of future HTC products. So we hope the folks at HTC finish rolling out Android 4.4 to its devices as soon as possible.

Source: Android Central


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  1. They said January but not the date so why everyone is stressing is beyond me after unlocked ones get it carriers will b e next and they cause the delays not HTC

  2. I just now am updating my Sprint HTC ONE to Software Version 3.05.651.6 after getting a notice that there is a Software Update Available.

  3. You do know there’s still two weeks of January to go so why stress that update isn’t here yet?

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