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Samsung executive claims the company will launch more phablets in 2014

Samsung Galaxy Mega

Speaking at the company’s quarterly earnings call, the Executive Director of Samsung, Hyunjoon Kim claimed that the market should expect more tablet sized smartphones (like the Galaxy Mega series) in 2014. So we should expect more 6 inch+ devices from Samsung this year, which are mostly tablets but also function as smartphones. The Galaxy Mega 6.3 was a moderate success in some markets due to the aggressive pricing, so it’s only natural to expect a successor launching later this year.

Hyunjoon Kim didn’t give out more details on the number of smartphones launching, but it’s clear that there will be more phablets launching this year compared to 2013. The Galaxy Note series will obviously be the company’s premier phablet line, so we expect the Galaxy Note 4 to carry the baton forward. Samsung is also expected to launch an under powered version of the Galaxy Note 3 at the MWC next month and will reportedly call it the Galaxy Note 3 Neo. The Korean manufacturer has really tapped into what was once considered a niche market with its phablets and it will hope to make further inroads in the phablet industry this year.

Source: ZDNet Korea

Via: Talk Android

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