Google Glass owners can now swap for a newer model

Posted on Dec 5 2013 - 7:45am by Valerie Richardson

Google Glass SpecsA new leak has revealed consumer grade prescription spectacles with Google Glass support, which is something Google plans to launch in the near future. Google is also reportedly in talks with sunglasses manufacturers to bring the classy look to your favorite shades. Incidentally, Google has started sending out invites to owners of the Google Glass Explorer for a new version of Glass which looks nothing like this and bears resemblance to the existing models of Glass, but is claimed to be more compatible, durable and faster.

Owners of Glass can swap their existing models with the new one free of cost until the 5th of February. So if you invested $1500 up front on the purchase of Glass, now is the time to reap rewards of your big investment. As an added bonus, users will be given the choice to pick a new color for Glass. Google also recently allowed existing owners to invite 2-3 members to purchase Glass, thus looking to increase the number of active users.

Source: Google

Via: Android and Me

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