Samsung Galaxy S3 Charging Problem When Powered On

Galaxy S3 Charging Problem

Recently, we received a message in The Droid Guy Mailbag that reads, “Hi, I am experiencing a Samsung Galaxy S3 charging problem. The issue is that the phone only charges when it is switched Off. When I try to plug it into a power source while On, the Battery indicator does not show that it is charging. Also, its charging, even when turned Off, is so slow. Please help me with this. Thank you.”

Upon researching the problem, it was found out through various online forums dedicated to Android phones that this is experienced by a number of Galaxy S3 users. In fact, I would like to note also that I have experienced the same problem with my Android tablet before. So, I would like to share how the technician fixed my tablet because it may apply to an Android Smartphone too since the architecture of both devices are nearly similar.

Possible Solutions to the Galaxy S3 Charging Problem

Basically, the first solution he came up with is a Factory Reset because he suspected that it might be caused by a RAM-hogging app or a rogue app.

However, if by chance, there is a way for you to identify the app triggering the system error, simply disable or uninstall it to do away with performing a Factory Reset.

The problem persisted, so that got him thinking that it is probably the battery. As a result, we bought a new battery for it and even a new charger.

Still, the Galaxy S3 charging problem recurred. And that’s where he found out that there is an issue with its circuits, which also explains its frequent overheating as of late. He fixed the issue with the circuitry, and after that, the device can charge again even when plugged in while powered On.

Other Recommended Solutions

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  1. same problem with my phone too. the problem is oxidation in your usb port due to water entry. Either send it to a technician or visit youtube on how to clean it yourself.

  2. U mentioned change circuitry… Can give the link on what he did. I use many type of cable and facing the same issue

  3. I’m from Brasil, faced the same problem with my s3. Sometimes when its powered on, shows the charging icon, but still lowering the battery %.. The solution? Simple. For me and for like 10+ ppls in brasildroid forum’s, just change the USB cable. Its kind of strange, but yeah, is it.

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