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New YouTube comments section brings Google+ support

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Google recently made some heavy changes to Google+, and one of them was bringing deeper integration with Android. And now, the YouTube app on Android has received comments support with Google+. This basically shows the user his/her image while posting a comment on YouTube, and will also provide the ability to share these comments directly on Google+. Of course, users can choose not to share the comments on Google+ by unchecking the box right below the comment window.

This tells us about the extent to which Google plans to integrate Google+ with its other services and we’re fairly impressed. What’s good about this new feature is that Google has silently enabled it under the hood, so users will not have to wait for a separate feature to get the feature. Regardless of whether you use this feature or not, we can now expect YouTube comments to be a lot more civilized henceforth.

We heard about Google+ profile images being merged with Android phone numbers in early 2014, which is another example of Google+ integration with Android.

Source: YouTube Blog

Via: Android Police

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  1. Google couldn’t have done more damage to YouTube if they had tried, and I’m beginning to think they did. No privacy for users anymore. And all this right as the NSA and its spying is in the news. That’s arrogance for you.

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