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HTC Has Given Google 4.4 KitKat Code for Google Play Edition HTC One


A few weeks ago, HTC America President Jason Mackenzie promised Google Play Edition HTC One (referred to as GPE) owners that they would get KitKat “within 15” days. Well, it has been over 15 days, and an OTA update has yet to reach these phones. There isn’t a flashable ROM yet either.

Thankfully, HTC said today that they gave Google the code they made for pure KitKat to run on the GPE One. That’s great and works within the 15 day timeline.


However, it is now up to Google to determine when to update this device. Hopefully Google pushes out the update either later today or early next week. But since the carriers aren’t involved, it probably will be pushed out soon.

As an owner and user of the Google Play Edition HTC One, I have been waiting for this update since the Nexus 5 was released. Now that I know that Google has the code, that makes me glad to know that soon I’ll be on KitKat like the Nexus devices.

For those of you that don’t have this device, HTC says they are still on track for the end of November for delivering KitKat (with Sense 5.5) to the HTC One Developer Edition and SIM-unlocked devices in the US. The carrier variants are still set to get KitKat by “End January” according to Jason Mackenzie, once again.

For those of you not in the US, we don’t have any timeframe for you. But since US carriers are slow to deliver updates, you could get KitKat sooner than January, depending on your region. So are you all excited that KitKat is rolling out to HTC One owners over the next few months?

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