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Verizon will not cancel unlimited data plans accessed by upgrading customers this weekend

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Verizon Wireless  has just issued a statement on the recent snafu caused by a system error which allowed upgrading customers keep their unlimited data plans while paying a subsidized price for the smartphone. Verizon has now corrected the issue now and upgrading users won’t be able to retain unlimited data henceforth. However, users who were able to benefit from Verizon’s error this past weekend will be able to keep the unlimited data plans for the entirety of their contract duration. This is a good gesture by Verizon to acknowledge the error and let users keep their unlimited data packages as promised.

Here’s the statement issued by VZW on this issue –

Over the past weekend, there was a software issue involving some orders for customers seeking to upgrade their devices. A number of customers who were upgrading devices were able to maintain an unlimited monthly data feature while paying a subsidized price.

Verizon Wireless will honor those orders that were approved this past weekend, allowing those customers to retain their unlimited plans for the duration of their contract and receive their new device.

Verizon Wireless corrected this software issue today (9/30). The company no longer offers unlimited data plans and customers who want to retain existing unlimited data plans, must pay full retail price for a replacement phone.

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  1. I have Verizon Family with 2 smartphones with unlimited data and two non-smart phones. Last month I upgraded one non to a smartphone and was able to keep unlimited data on the other two with 2GB for $30 on the upgraded one

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