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Samsung tablets overtake the iPads in the JD Power customer satisfaction study


For years now, it has been common knowledge that Apple is the undisputed leader in the tablet segment as far as sales and consumer satisfaction is concerned. It has been winning the JD Power Customer Satisfaction Awards for years now, but its run has now ended. According to a recent survey conducted by JD Power, Samsung tablets have inched Apple iPads in terms of consumer satisfaction. However, Samsung has only marginally edged past Apple with 835 points while the iPad scored 833 out of a 1,000 points. Amazon is a close third with 826 points.

Samsung has certainly come a long way since the days of the Galaxy Tab with its introduction of the Galaxy Note series especially the new Galaxy Note 10.1 which has received widespread approval. The low end and midrange Galaxy Tab 3 tablets have made a sizable dent to Apple’s tablet marketshare with a research firm recently noting a 123% increase in tablet shipments for Samsung. This has caused serious concerns for Apple which is looking to make a bigger impact with its recently unveiled iPad Air tablet which goes on sale tomorrow.

Source: JD Power

Via: 9 to 5 Google


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  1. C’mon Valerie. If you don’t start questioning the data in your stories a little more critically – you will be stuck writing for The Droid Guy, for the rest of your life. Maybe that is your aspiration but I doubt it. Just do a little math. 3+3+4+4+4 can never average 5 -unless someone slips you money under the table wink wink Samsung. haha.

    Now no one will take J. D. Power seriously. Not even Samsung users.

  2. You must be smoking some bad stuff. ipad bests note in 3 categories, ties in one and loses in the cost department and in your view, it overtakes in customer satisfaction? I know you can make numbers say what you want but, based on the evidence here, that is a strrrrrreeetchhhhh. If paying less is the one thing that matters, then yes, Samsung wins. However, taking all categories tested….

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