Samsung Galaxy S4 Duplicate Text Messages

Galaxy S4 Duplicate Text Messages

Some Samsung Galaxy S4 users are complaining about sending or receiving duplicate text messages. So here is a quick look at the possible causes as well as the solution to fix the issue.

Possible Factors Causing the Galaxy S4 Duplicate Text Messages

The most likely element triggering the Galaxy S4 duplicate text messages is a problem with the carrier that you have. This can also be triggered by a faulty text messaging app, rouge app, a major glitch in the system of your phone, or a hardware issue.

Solutions for the Galaxy S4 Duplicate Text Messages

Here are the possible solutions that can fix the Galaxy S4 duplicate text messages issue:

1. For Problem with the Network

If the problem lies in the server of your carrier or your area has problems getting a good reception from your network, you will have to contact and inform your service provider about it. Another alternative is to get a signal booster. You can also do a Soft Reset with your device to refresh its system and restore its signal if your carrier reports no problem in its side. You might want to have the internal antenna of your phone checked as well for problems if you are having trouble getting a good signal.

2. Use Only the Stock Messaging App

When you have another text messaging app installed, disable it for a certain duration and check if the problem will still occur. Remove your other text messaging app if you find that it is triggering the issue.

3. Uninstall Rogue Apps

Check if third-party apps are causing the issue. Start under Safe Mode and observe if the issue occurs under that mode. If not, then there is a huge possibility that there are third-party apps triggering the problem. Try to disable or uninstall any app that you have installed prior to the occurence of the problem and see whether it fixes the issue.

4. Perform a Factory Reset

If all else fails, do a Factory Reset to eliminate all the harmful effects of unstable or incompatible third-party apps to your messaging app. Remember to backup prior to this though because this will wipe out all the data stored in your device and put it back to its default settings.

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