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Touchscreen issues still persistent on the new Nexus 7

Nexus 7 (2013)

Google recently updated the new Nexus 7 to build number JSS15Q which was supposed to resolve the touchscreen and GPS issues along with a few other bugs. But some users are still reporting issues with the display of the tablet, which has raised serious concerns. But there’s still no word coming from Google, so there’s no need to feel alarmed if you’re a user.

Some users are claiming that this could either be a grounding issue with the tablet or something to do with calibration. While the latter could be fixed with a software patch, grounding issues can’t be. So Google has some serious worrying to do if these issues are real. Of course, this could well be a fake rumor sparked off by unsatisfied users, so let’s not jump the gun until we have the full details.

If you have had issues with your newly bought Nexus 7, make sure you leave a comment below. As for the affected users, all they can do now is eagerly wait for more clarification from Google on the issue.

Source: Google Product Forums

Via: Phone Arena


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  1. Had to send mine back, will get a refund and purchase again in a couple of months if the issues are sorted. Just worried it’s hardware and not software !

  2. I am having real touch screen issues. Touch screen sometimes doesn’t register and I often get double taps.

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