Samsung Galaxy S3 Text Messages Disappearing

Samsung Galaxy S3 Text Messages Disappearing

There have been some users complaining about the Samsung Galaxy S3 text messages disappearing. According to our senders in The Droid Guy Mailbag, there have been instances wherein the messaging apps of their Galaxy S3 do not show any messages. Even the saved messages in their inbox are suddenly emptied.

Solutions to the Galaxy S3 Text Messages Disappearing

So far, we have provided some solutions for the Galaxy S3 text messages disappearing problem in our previous articles here. It is highly recommended that you try the solutions presented in Galaxy S3 Problems: text messages disappear, can’t take screenshot, random overheating, etc first.

Start by clearing your RAM to disable the unwanted processes running in the background of your device. You may also reboot your phone since refreshing its system regularly (at least once per two days) definitely helps remove minor glitches.

As discussed in the older article titled, Galaxy S3 Messages Disappearing, this problem is also due to another program going rouge which interferes with the normal process of your phone. So, try disabling any third-party app that you find suspicious. You can check if a third-party app is causing this by temporarily running your phone under Safe Mode. From there, observe if the problem persists.

According to a forum in Android Central, some users of the Launcher 8 app are prone to this problem. So, if you happened to have this installed in your Galaxy S3, temporarily disable it first and observe if the Galaxy S3 text messages disappearing problem still occurs.

Time for a Factory Reset?

After performing all the possible remedies and yet you are still getting the same error, or if the problem happens even when running Safe Mode, then that’s the time for you to consider a Factory Reset. This will revert your phone to its original settings and remove all the unwanted effects caused by third-party apps. Be warned though that this process will totally wipe all your saved data and stored settings so be sure to backup your device first.

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  1. The reason why some texts disappear from a Samsung Galaxy is because usually the time has been reset to the default factory date and the user hasn’t changed it back to the present date. So new texts will appear but before the current date;

    E.g. The last text you have in your inbox is on 18/01/2015

    However you received a text today and it isn’t appearing. It is there but stored as the first text in your inbox.

    If you scroll in your inbox it will be there but as 01/01/2012 hence why it’s isn’t showing.

    Same applies to emails and notes.

    So if someone is having this issue reseting their phone to factory setting or updating the software is a waste of time and doesn’t solve the problem.

  2. Yea, I’ve been having problems with this for a long time now. Even with a replaced S3 I just got on Sunday, it just did the same thing tonight. Running in Safe mode doesn’t allow you to send text messages or make calls I believe. I wouldn’t want to sit around waiting to see if the problem comes back again while I can’t use those features.

    I’m surprised this isn’t more common between users. It’s something that needs to get fixed soon.

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