Samsung ATIV Q Windows/Android hybrid will not launch until next year


Samsung has been all types of weird stuff for the PC market, including the ATIV Q, a PC/tablet hybrid that can run two different operating systems, Windows 8 and Android 4.2.2.

This brings the closed walled garden of Windows that cannot be changed (minus some bloatware) and the open mobile space of Android, which Samsung customises vigorously with the TouchWiz skin.

The ATIV Q recently got hit with a bunch of patent issues, making Samsung incapable of launching the tablet. Some said this case will be indefinite, meaning there is no way Samsung will launch it, simply due to the problems it may cause.

Here is some still sad yet a little bit brighter news, coming from a German site all about Samsung, saying that the ATIV Q is still on route to different countries, but may not launch on the market until next year.

Samsung has been known to crash devices once they hit one problem or the other, deciding to start on something new or something very similar to get around patent disputes and other troubles. We may see the ATIV Q next year, but it is likely to come with a redesign to avoid patent disputes and some new features.


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  1. The thing that gets me is both Asus and Samsung are the ones doing the Dual OS route. One (Asus) is using two separate processors to accomplish the switching between the two and the other (Samsung) is using one processor to to share the two OSs as well as storage. It doesn’t seem that Asus is using a VM to switch Os’s, Samsung is. So maybe that is where the problem lies. The comments in the German site also allude that it may be a software issue rather than a hardware one.
    Personally I still do not see how Samsung can just drop the device knowing there really isn’t anything out there that competes on it. Hopefully they do get around this.

  2. although I would prefer one device for the two operating systems, it sounds like no one can really do it. If that were the case I would still like the Q but with more Ram and HD space options. I can imagine that could be done easier with the hardware they set up.

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