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Fake BBM for Android apps flood Google Play

Plenty of fake BBM for Android apps are now on Google Play. A search for “BBM” on Google Play currently yields the following results: BBM for Android by Mobile Freakz, BBM Messenger for Android by Blackberry BBM Messenger, Messenger for Android by Messenger for Android, BBM Messenger Free by Blackberry BBM Messenger, BBM Messenger Pro by Blackberry BBM Messenger, and BES 10 Client.

Fake BBM for Android apps
Fake BBM for Android apps

Along with the fake apps, there are several one posing as guides or reviews for the messaging app. These include BBM for Android Guide by Zazan App, BBM for Android Review by Galuh App, and BBM for Android Book Secrets by Walet Groups.

Some of these apps feature various mashups of the Blackberry and Android logos. Some even have the words BBM or Blackberry as part of the developer names to look legitimate. One, as Android Central points out, has a string of names of popular apps in its description, including Minion Rush, Plants vs. Zombies, and Grand Theft Auto Vice City—a practice known as keyword stuffing, which is against Google’s policies. Meanwhile, others employ downright deception as they state that their app is the official messenger app from Blackberry.

BBM for Android was expected to arrive at the Google Play store at 7 am EDT, but the time has come and gone without the official app arriving. It appears that Blackberry is still addressing the issues that caused the delay of the app’s release. These fake BBM for Android apps, however, are not helping, and rather confusing many consumers who are eagerly waiting for the official app’s release.

This is not the first time that fake apps proliferated in the Play Store. Many fake apps masquerading as the popular ones like Temple Run or Fruit Ninja have been previously spotted. Some of these add apps to the home screen, while others have strings of malicious code.

In related news, various reports of a leaked APK have appeared on various websites. However, these have been removed, possibly as per Blackberry’s request.

We will let you know when BBM for Android is already available for downloading from the Play Store. In the meantime, you can help report these fake apps to Google by flagging them as inappropriate, and indicating “fake app” as the reason. Are you excited about BBM for Android?

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  1. Haven’t they seen this fake app before they announce their official release? I’ts been there for months or so. I actually waited at the exact date and time, checked it minute by minute, hour by hour still no luck. Now they are postponing because of these fakes..

  2. ah it already does use android I have 97 android apps on my Z10 I download torrent use instagram and play candy crush saga etc.

  3. Okay — so I accidentally downloaded the fake BBM — I’ve deleted it and the additional apps that came with it on my phone … should I be worried about malware or anything else?

  4. Actually the software is very, very good. The problem is that it’s different than what most people are used to and therefore they dismiss it immediately.

  5. Completely agree but they are in trouble now more than ever. I heard that Lazaradis might have a second coming and whatever happens it will most likely take quite some time before we see any future bb tech That people will knowingly want to buy in their hands

  6. Yes exciting! But all these hoaxsters need to get a life. This app pretty much officially means the end of bb as a hardware company since users who were clinging on to bb for bbm can now use a device of their own choice. So I’m glad I can finally use bbm on my S4

  7. BlackBerry is not toast – worst case they will end up like Nokia – a deal from MSFT or like company could change the market in a huge way. Just imagine Windows Mobile OS married with BlackBerry. MSFT – already in with Enterprise in a big way – Blackberry – Enterprise loves them but may be a bit worried about future — MSFT and BBRY get married – now it is a no brainer for Enterprise. Exchange Server – Blackberry Workspace and beyond. I am not saying that MSFT will be the one but it is very possible. May be worth holding some BBRY shares and not to mention that BBRY may still have a rabbit to pull from their own hat.

  8. Blackberry OS rocks – rock solid – secure and superior. The new BB OS 10 is fast! Looking very much forward to using BBM on our Android devices which will finally allow us integration with our BlackBerry’s. BBM is the best message software – hands down. This is a huge milestone for all the mobile world … having BBM available on all platforms!

  9. Blackberry needs to ditch their OS and use Android, They make good hardware. Blackberry os have some good features, put it into their version of android, they will also have all android apps. They still have a chance

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