Troubleshooting Facebook Authentication Failed on Samsung Galaxy S3

galaxy s3 facebook failedAfter thousands of email I’ve read regarding Samsung Galaxy S3 problems I thought I’ve seen it all. But today, a friend of mine showed me his phone asking how to resolve a somewhat easy problem–Facebook Authentication Failed.

When I first heard of the problem, I thought it was just a login error, and advised him to double check on his login credentials, although he was positive his email and password were correct. Since we were really close, I asked for his password and tried to login to his account using my laptop—It went through. I tried logging in using his Galaxy S3, “Authentication Failed!” That’s when I knew there was a problem.


The first thing that entered my mind after having confirmed there was a problem was the internet. Since he was using mobile data, I switched to WiFi and connected to my home network; the connection was fine.

I tried to login to his account but it still returned the same error. I double-check the connection, then tried to log it again—still the same. Therefore, it wasn’t a connection problem.

Clearing Cache & Data

Since there were no other services that were affected by the error, I knew it was just one of the Facebook App errors users may encounter. So, I immediately decided to go on clearing both the app’s cache and data.

Settings => Application Manager => All tab => Facebook => Clear Cache, then Clear Data.

I tried to login and it went through. I thought that was the solution, it wasn’t. I know that because after I was able to login, I logged out and tried logging in again and the problem returned.  At that point, there was nothing else to do but reinstall the app.

Reinstalling Facebook

Having acquired the permission to reinstall the app, I immediately uninstalled it. I went to the Play Store and downloaded / installed the recent version. After the installation I rebooted the phone and tried logging in—it went through. Then I logged out and logged in again, there was no problem. I did the process about 10 times or more just to confirm everything was fine; the problem didn’t occur.

Basically, the Facebook Authentication Failed error may be caused by the obsolete version of the app, although I’m not really sure about it since I didn’t know what version of the Facebook app my friend used at that time.

Bottom Line

At the end, I was able to fix the problem but I didn’t know what caused it. I’m not sure if the same problem happens on iOS as well but it seems like older versions may have some problems with Android Jelly Bean. If ever you encounter the same problem, try updating the app or reinstall it like what I did.

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