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The new Nexus 7 gets drop tested

Nexus 7

The newly launched Nexus 7 can do a lot of things better than its predecessor, but can it sustain longer? To figure that out, the kind folks over at Android Authority decided to make a drop test video of the tablet, and the results are fairly disappointing. The device was dropped on its back the first time and it failed to boot after that. As the person in the video rightly mentions, it is possible that something inside could have snapped off with the drop. However, there was no visible damage to the device.

The second, third and fourth drop were very damaging to the exterior, with the front glass bearing a crack and the back shell popping out as well. Drop tests like these make us cringe looking at what the devices have to go through and reminds us to take care of them. The 2013 Nexus 7, doesn’t come across as a durable device. So make sure you’re on the lookout for a case if you own the tablet.

Source: Android Authority