NVIDIA working on its own tablet?

Posted on Aug 8 2013 - 2:13pm by Valerie Richardson


According to rumors, NVIDIA could be looking to launch its own tablet in the near future. This tablet allegedly, will be running on the upcoming Tegra 5 SoC made by NVIDIA. This chipset bearing the codename ‘Logan‘ should be introduced next year at the CES in January. This means that the tablet should break cover any time after that. After NVIDIA recently launched the Shield console earlier last month, talks of a tablet don’t surprise us. We can see NVIDIA slowly stepping into the mobile hardware industry while its reach was previously limited to making chipsets and GPUs for computers and smartphone OEMs.

There seems to be a low end 7 inch (1280×800) tablet in the works too, known as the NVIDIA Tegra Note Premium based on the Tegra 4 chipset which could be revealed soon. This tablet was spotted on GFXBench with scores slightly lower compared to the Shield console, which also runs on the Tegra 4 chip. All these hints point at a potential launch from NVIDIA, but we might have to wait a while before any of this materializes.

Source: PC Mag

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