Is the Nexus 4 still worth purchasing?

Posted on Aug 19 2013 - 9:00am by David


Google wowed the mobile world when they decided to launch the Nexus 4, a premium quality device made in collaboration with LG, for $399 off contract. The move pushed a device capable of working exactly the same as other flagship devices into the world for $300 cheaper and with faster upgrades.

This huge move by Google hit their supply hard, with the Nexus 4 being unavailable on the Google Play store for the first few months. The buzz finally ended, T-Mobile picked it up on contract for free and some European carrier did the same.

Now, with the slightly outdated specs, lack of LTE and the fact the Nexus 5 could come anytime between now and November, is it worth a buyer going to pick up the Nexus 4 or should they wait for the next Nexus or another groundbreaking device.

The one query we can answer is the Nexus 4 is still a great device. It has its issues, for US users the lack of LTE may be a problem, depending on if the user can take HSPA+ or finds it too slow. In terms of performance, the Nexus 4 will still run incredibly fast out the box, it has a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro, still an impressive chip.

Can it match the Galaxy S4 when it comes to performance? Or the HTC One when it comes to design? No – the Nexus 4 will stumble in places against the flagship Android phones right now, but it is still $300 cheaper than the competition.

For users who want the latest and greatest, there should be no real desire with the Nexus 4. For those who want a good, capable Android device and do not care too much about the lack of LTE, the Nexus 4 is still our number one for value.

The only problem is the upcoming Nexus 5, recent rumours say the phone will have the same price tag and it will come with a Snapdragon 800 processor, 1080p screen, LTE and thinner bezels. For those that do not need a phone for the next two or three months, we would say wait for the Nexus 5.


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