Galaxy S4 WiFi and Data Work Simultaneously, WiFi Keeps Disconnecting

galaxy s4 wifi problems

Have you ever experienced having both your WiFi and Mobile Data turned on at the same time? Well, you probably did especially if you’re an owner of the new Samsung Galaxy S4. Hundreds of owners turned to online forums to air their problems regarding this issue. Since we have a dedicate mailbox for our readers’ problems, we also received emails related to it.

Here is one email that describes the problem:

Hey Droidguy,

I’m responding to your article on the S4’s WIFI problems.

My problem is simply that S4 often keeps disconnecting and then reconnecting to my home network. Right now as I speak my “Connected to Wi-Fi network” keeps popping up on my screen…and it also will switch from WiFi to data back to WiFi really quickly.

It just does all kind of strange unstable things when it comes to my home network. I work at Best Buy and I can stay connected to that network although it’s jam packed with a ton of devices making it very sluggish.

BTW I have read about the incompatibility with the S4 and DLink routers. I currently have a duel band Netgear. Thanks for taking your time to read my email. BTW I have fiddled with my router settings but I’m not too savvy when it comes to manual network settings and such.

WiFi Disconnection Problem

Actually, the random WiFi disconnection issue on Galaxy S4 is not new anymore because since the day it was released, owners already experienced the problem. Many have resolved their problem by power-cycling their routers to refresh their home network. Others changed security type in their network settings and some were able to fix the problem by doing a factory reset on their phones, although we don’t actually recommend this solution more often.

In this specific case, however, I don’t think it’s a network problem. While this issue seems to be the main concern of our reader since it was mentioned first in the email, it is simply the outcome of the second problem.

Network Switching Problem

There could be plenty of reasons why Wi-Fi and data network switch on Galaxy S4. One of the most common reasons is that both have been enabled by the user. For power-saving purposes, smartphones prioritize WiFi over Mobile Data so when the phone is within range of both networks, 90% of the time it will choose WiFi but it will immediately switch to data in the absence of the former.

According to our reader, the network switching happens so fast. While I said earlier that it’s not a network problem, I would still advice our reader to power-cycle his router just to make sure. After all, it would take two minutes (tops) to reboot a router or a modem.

If you’re also experiencing this problem and you happen to be a Verizon customer, you may want to disable the Caller Name ID app that the carrier pre-installed on your phone.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap More.
  3. Choose Application Manager.
  4. Swipe to All tab.
  5. Scroll to and tap Caller Name ID.
  6. Tap Disable button.

After doing this, call Verizon’s customer service hotline and request for a credit especially if this problem has been bugging you for weeks or months already.

Do let us know if this works for you.

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We may not be able to respond to every email we receive but rest assured we do read them… yes, all of them even if some do look like spams.


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  1. My issue is that I’ve had the same carrier for 10 years and with the expansion of their network, I received data with Wi-Fi on while travelling the same route, with the S4, I don’t get ANY Interim connection. This perplexus me. I’m rather disappointed in my Service, as I have unlimited data, no slow down after you use X amount of GB. It should run the same speed all the time, but if you have NO Connection, in places, like the Interstate, that I had with S3, there is a MAJOR PROBLEM! As much as the S4 costs, I don’t feel like I should receive inferior data abilities compared to the S3!
    I’m going to try out the new Sony Experia for a week or 2.

  2. Actually, this probably is a problem with the wifi router not being compatible with any equipment that supports IEE802.11n speeds. The problem is that before IEE802.11n was finished some router manufacturers, e.g. Dlink, brought out products with faulty IEE802.11n modes. To fix this, you need to reconfigure your router to use IEE802.11b and IEE802.11g modes only. I think you will find that everything will work fine afterwards.
    BTW, I had to do this in a hotel in Taiwan which used Dlink routers before my friends iPad would connect. After reconfiguring all 6 routers the iPad worked anywhere in the hotel. Apparently, lots of customers had problems connecting.

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