Disabling the WiFi Power Save Mode of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

galaxy note 2 wifi power save mode

Turning off the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 WiFi Power Save Mode feature will let you solve a variety of connectivity-related problems. Among them are the freezing in the WiFi configuration menu while trying to connect and poor Internet connection even when the signal of your phone is at full bars.

How to Disable WiFi Power Save Mode

The WiFi Power Save Mode configuration of the Galaxy Note 2 is a hidden feature. This can only be accessed and turned off by performing the following steps:

1. Tap the Phone app.

2. Key in *#0011# in the dialler.

3. Hit the Menu button below the screen of the Galaxy Note 2.

4. Select WiFi.

5. Tap the “WiFi Power Save Mode” button to Off.


Turning off the WiFi Power Save Mode can help optimize the connectivity and performance of your device but it has the tendency to drain your battery faster. So, consider this tradeoff first before disabling it.

Can the WiFi Power Save Mode of the Galaxy Note 2 Be Permanently Disabled?

One sender in The Droid Guy Mailbag asked if there’s a way to permanently disable the WiFi Power Save Mode of the Galaxy Note 2 so that he does not have to repeat the same process of turning it off whenever he is restarting his phone. However, it is sad to note that such option is not available for a Galaxy Note 2 that is not rooted. Thus, every after restarting the device, you will have to manually enter the WiFi Power Save Mode using the steps above.

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  1. People it is available on EVERY Note® II, regardless of variant… you’re just not seeing it. Here are some insanely (lol) detailed and thorough instructions :

    First : any time you see dial codes like the *#0011# (there are many others) in an article, they MUST BE DIALED FROM THE NATIVE DIALER that came with your device. If you’re using a different dialer, you may be so used to it that you forget it isn’t the stock dialer, and NONE OF THESE CODES WILL WORK. If this is you, you will still have the stock dialer in your app drawer, probably just called “Phone”… launch it and use it for whatever code you’re trying to enter.

    That said… once you enter Service Mode by dialing #*0011*, you will see a bunch of text on-screen. Ignore it, tap your device’s MENU softkey, and choose the last item in the pop-up menu, which will be WI-FI. After you do that, the screen full of text you last saw will be replaced by a NEW screen full of (smaller) text, and the LAST ITEM AT THE BOTTOM of that text will have a BUTTON underneath it that will have a green “light” and will say ON. Hit that button and it will turn to OFF. That’s it.

    If the device is rooted it will stay on OFF permanently, i.e. after every reboot. If the device is not rooted, it will always revert to ON after every reboot.

  2. @adil after typing *#0011# then select menu and click wifi option and then go because it is available in my N7105.

  3. @adil after typing *#0011# then select menu and click wifi option and then go because it is available in my N7105

  4. I don’t see the WiFi option, only a list of call related functions such as 2 second pause and one-handed operation.

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