“Unfortunately Touchwiz Home Has Stopped” Error Message in Galaxy S3

galaxy s3 touchwiz

Touchwiz provides intuitive handling of all the features available on the Galaxy S3. This offers numerous customization options for the user of the device to make every task easier. However, it can be such as pain when encountering the “Unfortunately Touchwiz Home Has Stopped” error message. Basically, this is because it renders your phone unusable.

In this article, we will take a look on the factors possibly causing the issue as well as the solutions for it.

#1 Solution

According to an OrganicWeb post, this kind of error usually occurs in Galaxy S3 phone equipped with the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS. So, one way to fix it is through these steps:

a. Access Settings.

b. Go to the My Device panel where you will find Home screen mode. Just tap it.

c. From the given options, go to Easy.

d. Select Apply followed by OK.

This may be such a pain because it will simplify the way that your Home screen will look. But based on other users who experienced this problem, you can also toggle it back to Standard when the error message disappears.

#2 Solution

Phandroid suggests using ADB (Android Debug Bridge) utility to repair the error. This can be downloaded through Developers Android website. This requires your Galaxy S3 hooked up with your computer too during the process. Unfortunately, I am not very well versed on this tool since I haven’t tried it yet (seeing no reason to use it). But, this guide is a good reference that you can start with.

Many feedbacks in the forum of the website mentioned that this one worked for them.

#3 Solution

If you do not want to go through the process involving ADB, you could do a complete reset with your device. This is so far the quickest way to solve it. Just remember to save all your important data before doing a Factory Reset through.

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  1. Have tried all of the above but phone does let us do anything other than bring up the error messages

  2. Note 1 (n7000) updated to 4.1.2 last month and I did a full reset today. THEN I started getting this error. Since it hasn’t even restored all my apps and settings, I thought it would go away when google had reset everything up, but it’s been hours…..

    Edit: Tried the Simple Screen setting above and it worked, but when I went back to the standard screen, same error. Doing a second full reset now….

  3. Power down phone. Hold Vol Up, Home Button at same time and hit the Power Button and hold all three until the Samsung logo starts. Tab down the list to “Wipe Cache Partition”. Reboot and all the nasty crap stored there will be gone. You may lose data but at least there won’t be any app saved info that can cause these crashes..
    I have done this for many friends and fixed 99% of the problems associated with a corrupted cache

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