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Sprint BOGO Sale Tomorrow For Galaxy S4 and LG Devices


Starting tomorrow, 7/19, Sprint will start a Buy One Get One promotion for the Galaxy S4, LG Mach, and LG Optimus G. There are different deals as well as expiration dates for each of these deals, so make sure you read closely.
sprint galaxy s4 buy one get one free sale

Are you planning on taking advantage of any of these deals? Let us know in the comments below!

Out of all of these deals, the BOGO promotion for the Sprint Galaxy S4 has to sound the sweetest, and will hopefully draw some customers onto Sprint’s “Truly Unlimited” network.


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  1. Here’s the fine print:

    You’ll see the correct discounted price in the final step in the shopping cart.

    Each device requires its own line of service with a 2-year Agreement
    or eligible upgrade. For any devices or accessories purchased through a
    Buy one, get one (BOGO) offer, all devices or accessories purchased must
    be returned/exchanged to receive a refund or comparable exchange. In
    addition, if a Buy One, Get One Free device is exchanged, it is subject
    to the restocking fee terms.

  2. Does the free phone recipient have to also be a new line or have an upgrade?
    I guess what I’m asking is can only one of the lines have an upgrade available for this promotion to work?

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