Solving the Predictive Text Issues in Galaxy S4

galaxy s4 predictive text problems

Some users of the Galaxy S4 have complained about the predictive text cursor moving uncontrollably. There is also a problem with it refusing the preferred spelling of users.

Solving the Jumping Cursor Problem in Galaxy S4 Predictive Text

The first issue appears to be a software limitation. According to SwiftKey, they have already published a 4.1.2 update for their users which is now available through Google Play. I am not sure yet though if it really solves the problem. The common troubleshooting method of restarting your phone can solve this problem momentarily too but this is not a guarantee that it won’t happen again since it is a software bug. However, turning off this feature will let you get rid of the “jumping cursor” issue.

Removing a Word From the Dictionary of Galaxy S4 Predictive Text

The other problem is caused by a software limitation as well. According to the Android Central forum, long-pressing on a predicted text will let you delete the word from the dictionary of your device. This will stop the word from popping out again.

How to Disable Predictive Text in Galaxy S4

If you are bothered by the bugs in predictive texting or you just simply want to turn the function off, all you have to do is follow the instructions below:

1. Go to the Settings of your Galaxy S4.

2. Tap the My Devices tab.

3. Under the Input and Control section, tap Language and Input.

4. On the next window, proceed to the Keyboards and Input Methods and tap the gear icon of the Samsung Keyboard option.

5. On the next menu, you will see the Predictive Text switch. Just swipe your finger to the left while pressing the switch to deactivate the feature.

Take note that tapping the Predictive Text option will let you customize its features also if you still want to use this function.

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