Samsung Galaxy S3 Music Player Automatically Activates

galaxy s3 music player

Some users complain about their stock Galaxy S3 Music Player automatically activating randomly, which can be pretty annoying. Although this is a very rare issue, we will try to explore the possible causes of this problem and come up with solutions for them.

Possible Causes of the Galaxy S3 Music Player Problem

The possible factor triggering the Galaxy S3 music player to activate on its own is a glitch in it the software itself or the system of the phone.

Possible Solutions to the Galaxy S3 Music Player Problem

Since there is no way to uninstall the stock Galaxy S3 music player, here are the possible solutions that can fix the problem:

1. Restart

The first thing that you have to do is restart your Galaxy S3. Usually, restarting is a quick way to fix minor errors in the system of the phone.

2. Disable the App

Upon restarting and you still notice the issue, disable the Galaxy S3 music player app using these steps:

a. Press the Menu button from the Home screen.

b. Enter Settings.

c. Proceed to Application Manager.

d. Go to the Music Player and disable it.

You can also disable this by hitting the Menu key while on the Galaxy S3 music player app.

3. Clear App Cache and Reset App Preferences

After restarting, clear the cache of your music app. It is a good thing to reset your app preferences too in order for the Galaxy S3 music player app to go back to its global settings. However, resetting the app preferences can bring back the original settings of the other apps in your phone as well, so this is entirely up to you.

4. Enter Safe Mode

Check if something else is triggering it by entering Safe Mode. Try to keep your phone that way for a couple of hours to see whether the problem will still happen or not. If the issue persists even in Safe Mode, proceed to the next solution. If not, disable the app that you have recently installed prior to the problem or any suspicious apps that you think is causing it. Some antivirus apps are known to trigger certain errors in the Galaxy S3, so if you have one, it might be worth checking.

5. Factory Reset

When all else fails, perform a Factory Reset. Remember to backup all your data though before doing this.

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  1. Solution S3mini
    The SOLUTION is: Open the micro USB connector of the car charger adapter with a sharp tool like a cutter. Cut one or both legs of the internal 200Kohms resistor, and that’s all.
    Try to close the rubber enclosure with a kind of loctite instant adhesive.
    Kind Regards!

  2. I’ve never had any problems with Samsung’s Music Player randomly starting on its own…but, I HAVE had Google Play Music do this on numerous occasions, although, as with the above-described problem (ie. Samsung’s Music Player), it does occur only on occasion, at random times. One thing I’ve noticed is tat it only happens in one particular way – when I take my Bluetooth headset, already turned ‘on’, and place it on my ear. I have a Plantronics Voyager Legend, so maybe there are others out there who have both the Galaxy S3 & Voyager Legend, and who are experiencing the same problem. I should mention that I do have the Find MyHeadset app (from Plantronics), as well as the Vocalyst app (supposedly by Plantronics, but technicaly created by Dial2Do for Plantronics), installed, so it’s possible that one of these two apps is the culprit.

    So, are there any others out there who are experiencing the same problem (ie. Google Play Music, and NOT Samsung Music Player). Additionally, if any others are experiencing Google Play Music randomly starting on its own, are you using the Plantronics Voyager Legend headset, and, if so, do you have either/both of these apps installed?

  3. Hi guys I noticed this problem also. What I found was when I turned on the s voice to control my music player by voice commands, it would play on its own at random. I don’t know if it thought it heard a command to play or what. So I had to go into the menu under language and inputs go to speech and change it from Samsung voice to Google voice. No more problems but then I am not able to control music by voice command.

  4. “we will try to explore the possible causes of this problem”
    Um, no you don’t. I don’t see any effort here to figure out what’s actually causing the underlying issue. You’re advice amounts to the old “reformat your hard drive to solve a PC software glitch” advice. Bottom line: it’s intellectually lazy.

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