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Does the new Nexus 7 have a manufacturing defect?

Nexus 7 Glitch

It’s pretty standard to see a device go through its usual round of criticism just after its launch. Strangely, we had seen none post the launch of the new Google Nexus 7. But now as the tablet slowly begins to make its way to the customers, a problem has been spotted, or so it is claimed. According to a buyer of the tablet, parts of the Nexus logo on the back of the tablet are coming off. As the picture suggests, the sticker on the Nexus logo is peeling off. This could be an alarming issue for the most of us, but since we haven’t heard any other reports citing the same issue, we’re not in a position to judge.

Foul play clearly cannot be ruled out, so it would be nice to have a word from Google on this. Another possible explanation could be that this was just a rare defect in the manufacturing, as is common with mass produced devices. However, considering the standards set by ASUS in the industry, it’s hard to go down that road. Let’s hope this is an isolated incident or maybe foul play, as we don’t want our favorite Google tablet to be tarnished by a glitch like this.

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  1. I’m brand new to this site and this is the 2nd post I read on this site (the first was on the Chromecast yesterday). Both posts are completely pointless other than using sensationalized headlines to get clicks and then having nothing to deliver. I can’t imagine this Chicken Little approach will serve a long term benefit to the site…. at least I hope not.

  2. Really??? You steal an article from that (Alan F?) Idiot. Its already been discovered this is just a very bad attempt from an apple fanboy to discredit the new Nexus 7. Just look at the sticker you can see where he picked and picked at it to get it out then tried to cover it up with a badly placed watermark! You should really try posting original articles not reposting anything from that fool.

  3. 1 person who could not be validated as trustworthy sends a snap shot and it’s a story for you guys? Do you realize how badly stories like this devalues what ever your site articles you decide to “put in print” in the future?

    I for one won’t be back when I see a ‘Drippler’ article posted from this site.

  4. I have the first gen Nexus 7 (16gb) and the logo is engraved, therefore it can’t peel off!

  5. A manufacturing defect? Quit exaggerating your headlines for attention, you do a major disservice to the truth by feeding the hordes of headline skimmers with false information.

    A better headline would be, ‘minor cosmetic issue on the logo’. Because that is all it really is. . ‘Manufacturing defect’ implies issues like floating point errors, over-heating and/or random electrocutions.

    Be a credit to journalism instead of adding to the problem and selling out the truth!

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