Samsung Galaxy S3 “Authentication Error Occurred” 4G Wifi Issue

Samsung Galaxy S3 Authentication Error Occurred

One Samsung Galaxy S3 owner is having an “Authentication Error Occurred” problem with his unit after changing his battery. The message appears whenever he is trying to access his home network and office network. However, the WiFi connection seemed to work well on his Xbox 360, laptops and other mobile devices.

He claimed that changing the battery was all he did for his device and that his unit was working well prior to the replacement of his battery. Now, he is asking whether it had something to do with it.

The Possible Cause of the Samsung Galaxy S3 “Authentication Error Occurred” Problem

Changing the battery does not appear to be the cause of the problem. So far, I can’t establish a relationship between that factor and the issue. The trouble may be related to a recent app or update that you accidentally or unknowingly installed. Another likely cause is the router itself. If all else fails, then it might be a hardware that is causing the problem but rule that one out for now until every possible solution has been applied.

Possible Solutions to Samsung Galaxy S3 “Authentication Error Occurred” Problem

Before you do anything else, check if the authentication details of your router has been accidentally or intentionally changed by someone who has access in it like the password and network name. Check also if your device has been accidentally or intentionally barred from the network. You can reset or power off/on the router or your phone as well. So far, these solutions seem to work on this type of issue.

If the trouble continues, try to recall or determine what app or update is possibly interfering with your WiFi access. Roll back or remove the changes. A common problem with some updates or apps is that they sometimes cause a bug that interferes with the native applications of the phone.

Once everything fails, then you might be looking at a problem with the hardware already. Open up your smartphone or have someone with expertise check it for a possible problem in the circuitry of your WiFi hardware.

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  1. My s3 4g is also having this problem as well .i tried all the ways to fix this problem but it seems no works .1) factory reset .2) dial *#0011# .3) forget wifi .4) soft reset .5) install wifi fixer .i’ve tried all method but no one works .im very stressed .pls help me sir .i love my s3 4G .how i gonna do fix it?? .

  2. I’m having this problem as well. I just tried resetting the phone to factory default, and the problem is there even when I get to the setup of the phone, so it seems unlikely to have anything to do with apps. The problem is there both at work and at home, and there’s no problem with other devices connected to these wifi networks.
    Another issue I’m experiencing is that the phone sometimes just suddenly restarts.

  3. My S3 froze up so I removed the battery and now I can’t connect to Wi-Fi at work or at a free access point in restaurants. I get random faults such as, authentication error occurred and out of range. I’ve done a soft reset which consisted of removing battery, micro sd card and sim card for 10 minutes. I also did factory reset and wiped all the data from it. It drops wi-fi constantly, its like the signal comes and goes when I know in the past that it has worked in the same locations. I’ve put in wrong passwords on purpose and then followed up with the correct one and I’ve hit forget network. I’ve even got inside the hidden menu and turned the wi-fi sleep to off. I’m very frustrated and wish someone would put an app in the play store that would fix it. Maybe an over the air update?? I’m running the newest android version.

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